Bolivian peanut soup conquers the Masterchef

El Deber reports:

Bolivian peanut soup conquers Masterchef

2014-06-08 03.04.53 pmElba Rodriguez, 23 years young contestant in the reality TV cooking program, first that comes to Argentina, delighted the judges with the taste of a typical Bolivian dish.

Rodriguez had the challenge of preparing a dish from her childhood and chose the peanut soup with flavor provided by chips and parsley. The jury decided to recognize her as having the best tasting dish of the episode.

The Masterchef winner will get a one-year fellowship at the cooking school Mausi Sebess. It is a competitive program, but it is also at stake illusion and passion for cooking for many people. This reality has triumphed worldwide, with an audience of more than 200 million viewers in 145 countries where it was issued.

The judges marveled

All judges in awe of the flavor of the Bolivian soup congratulated Rodriguez. “It’s the best dish I’ve had in the entire competition,” said one of the judges; “Elba, you made us all to travel with your plate,” said another jury.

Elba Zulema Rodriguez, young of Bolivian origin, studying nursing and lives in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires and was chosen from more than 5,500 participants who were presented to the casting to compete for the title of Masterchef.

To watch the episode, click HERE

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