Was created the first application that warns risk of diabetes

Javier Mendez reports for El Deber:


Was created the first application that warns risk of diabetes

It is available today on Google Play and the AppStore. It was backed by a survey that was conducted to 250 people. ‘Diabetes your risk’ is the first to be developed in Bolivia

2014-06-09 04.56.54 pmIt is ready to be downloaded today. Diabetes risk, the application has been developed for three months by the company Synapse Digital. Systems engineer Karen Heredia, explains that nine questions need to be answered to asses the risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes.

It just take one argument from endocrinologist Douglas Villarroel, to justify the development of this application: diabetes is preventable, according to what show several scientific studies.

It asks, for example, if someone in the family has suffered diabetes. If it is a brother, father or cousin, the application assigns a different value, Villarroel explains. The risk is greater the closer the relative.

Age, weight and gender were also asked, if fruits and vegetables are consumed, how much and how often. Key: You need to measure your waist to calculate body mass index (see graphic). The application takes into account the width of female hips to set parameters.

With the emergence of each risk factor, the application will provide some tips to reduce the chance of developing diabetes within ten years. Since this is a disease that can be avoided, is clearly an intended application: to stimulate medical supervision, to anticipate the onset of the disease, or, better yet, prevent it from developing. “This will improve their quality of life,” says Karen Heredia.

For the Family

“The interesting thing about this application is that we will be able, after a year, to know based on responses, how many people are at risk. So we will make efforts to improve the quality of life of these people. Its greatest value is to do this test in the family,” explains Heredia.

For example, if after the answers, a score between seven and 11 is obtained, the application indicates that there is a moderate risk of diabetes within a decade. We must take action. If the score exceeds 14 and is closer to 17 points, the risk is higher and the consultation of the doctor is very necessary (especially if there were family members who had the disease, or if there is hypertension, for example).

The application is available for iOS and Android systems. The download links are on the page www.diabetesriesgo.com. It could also be found on the Facebook of Douglas Villarroel, who conducted the survey with the help of Inti and Merck Laboratories. The endocrinologist insists: “Diabetes is silent, but can be avoided”.


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