Bolivian creates software for 3D games: Brahian Franco

Tatiana Sanabria reports for Pagina Siete:

Bolivian creates software for 3D games

WIT. Brahian Franco, 31 years old, developed Darkwar, a video game online with high technological level and the first in the world developed in Visual Basic 6.0. It is valued at $20 million.

2013-06-05 07.12.48 amTook four years of dedication, creativity, and ingenuity for Brahian Franco, 31, developed the first high-tech software in Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. This product, designed to create online games in three dimensions (3D) is innovative, unique and will be launched on the market with the Darkwar game.

“The game was developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and many engineers thought that it was crazy and it would not be able to; but I developed not only the game, but I could also create tools that did not exist for this platform,”explains Franco, who studied this programming language from his 13 years.

This game of high-tech, also known as MMORPG, by its acronym in English, is a role-playing game, involving multiple players interacting each other in a virtual world.

The MMORPG are very popular around the world by the use of the internet and its addictive nature. Among them are Warcraft and Company of Heroes, Dota, which will now compete with this network game developed by a Bolivian.

In general, these games with global reach are developed in C++ and .NET, “because the companies don’t want to risk a few million dollars in a tool that was not yet proven”, explains the programmer.

With an investment of $30,000 that his father, Fernando Franco facilitated, the programmer was able to develop a software base valued at $20 million to be the first in the world, for its high scientific innovation and to facilitate the development of all kinds of online games.

Upon watching his child’s ability, Fernando did not spare to be the sole investor of the project. “I saw on some forums that it was a very difficult programming language, but I always believed in him blindly and now as a father, I am more happy with this achievement,” he says.

The next step for Brahian will be launching the trial version of Darkwar in November, the open version in January, and the official in March 2014. There must only be a condition: that first is an addictive game for him.

This development will have effects in 3D platforms that will not require the use of glasses or special screens. In addition, it will have a story that will hook users, with conflicts that must be resolved thru tactics.

The development industry

Darkwar success will depend on the number of users it may have from its launch to the market.

Each server can have 4,000 customers who will pay $15 for monthly game and $45 service on the purchase of the license to the game. Sales will be made online through Paypal.

Although the game will come out in English to cover the foreign market, Brahian does not rule out the possibility of reaching the Bolivian users, because he knows that it will also create interest in our midst, because of the technological features that it has.

This is a decisive phase for large foreign advertising companies, such as Electronic Arts, to become interested in the program and are in charge of the sale of the product worldwide. These firms invest millions of dollars a year in small companies that make games of this type.

However, one of his objectives in the future is creating a videogame industry in Bolivia, to generate employment to engineers in systems, computer scientists, programmers, analysts, graphic designers, cartoonists, composers, and even historians.

“The idea is also developing a 3D game online about the war of the Pacific, that shows heroes and commanders who waged this war episode, so that users, in addition to playing, can learn about the history of the country,” Franco says.

Seeing his entrepreneurial spirit and passion, this programmer was selected among the 18 finalists of the Innova 2013, driven by the Maya Foundation, for five years.

Madelein Segurondo, Manager of the Foundation, said they saw strength in this business, “because in addition to being an innovative product, you can generate opportunities in the ecosystem of video games and technology, generating knowledge on the users”.

That way, he entered the program and received training for ten months on how to create his own business and strategies for the local promotion of his product. At the end of the contest, this project won first place in the mention of Ideas or project in technologies of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions.

“The quality of the project, its strength in the field of technological innovation and the time that was spent to develop it surprised us. From that perspective, we saw a growing opportunity,”says Segurondo.

With this momentum, Brahian perseveres in his creative process, with the satisfaction of having demonstrated, with guts and passion – as he defined himself-, that in Bolivia is possible to develop large and complex software with Visual Basic 6.0 platform.

The following news is from Prensa Latina:

Young Bolivian Creates Software Valued at $ 20 million

La Paz, June 3 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian software expert aged 31 created the world”s first video game platform developed in Visual Basic 6.0, worth about $ 20 million.

Over four years it took Brahian Franco to develop Darkwar, an online game that focuses on pioneering technology of the three dimensions.

The game was developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and many engineers thought I was crazy and it would not work, but not only the game functioned, but could also create tools that did not exist for this platform, said Franco according to the newspaper Página Siete .

He affirmed that Darkwar will compete with other legendary online games such as Warcraft, Company of Heroes and Dota , and is characterized for being a role-playing game in which several competitors interacting with each other in a virtual world.

The young Bolivian specialist started in the world of programming at 13 years old. He added that the following steps will be the release of version Darkwar test in November, the open version in January and March 2014 official.


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Kudos to Brahian Franco and I welcome him to The Hall of Bolivian Fame, I also want to mention his father, Fernando Franco for believing in his son!

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