Bolivian poverty, underdevelopment and lack of employment

An Editorial from El Diario:

Poverty, underdevelopment and lack of employment

El DiarioDue to the high international prices of gas, minerals and some commodities that we export, our income in foreign currency have risen considerably compared to what happened until eight or more years ago. That kind of surplus has allowed that the country has very high international reserves, although, we must admit, that total resembles the debts which the country has externally and internally.

The seriousness of this situation is that, despite having those reserves, we continue to follow the ways of borrowing from international bodies, and something very delicate and dangerous, placing sovereign high-interest bonds, when international agencies offer loans with interest well below two percent and, in addition, long-term loans. [that alone is stupid! how come does this government commits to pay for those bonds higher than current loans from multinational institutions? what was the purpose or utility of that???!!!]

It is, therefore, a contradictory act as if we were a country rich and developed in the aspect of revenue production, exports, etc., when we are immersed in extreme poverty and this determines to be, however, an underdeveloped country with insurmountable emergencies and, in some cases, that force us to depend on international support and understanding of friendly countries. Situation extremely incomprehensible, especially for those who get information about reserves, gas production and others.

Poverty puts us in almost the last place in Latin American countries, many international agencies, are spearheading with a high degree of poverty to the third world and us, stand up as if we were in a fourth world. Add to all this the fact that put obstacles and difficulties to investments just to generate wealth and create jobs, our situation is not only incomprehensible but chaotic.

The world community, through the United Nations, criticized us for the production of coca and its transformation into cocaine; but for much of our population, the so-called “entrepreneurs of the drugs, such as producers and marketers”, are the only ones “offering employment” Although it is a dangerous solution, because drug trafficking pays in money and drugs, the latter, in turn, must be marketed by the worker or his family. As the employee that is stomping coca and performs other tasks, he may not leave his post, so instructs his wife – and this to their relatives and children – the sale of the drug. In this way, the “sole large employer” does not need more marketers because undertakes, directly or not, to the family of the “employed”.

The case is dramatic, and while investments are not guaranteed, the tragedy to continue be underdeveloped economically, will continue without limit. The unfortunate thing is that the Government does not give any step to ensure investments, production and, consequently, ensure employment for those who are in the informal economy or engaged in dangerous work, as they are the ones who cooperate, by necessity and lack of employment, with the lethal drug business.

And still… there are Bolivians who want to vote for current president… and there are still foreigners that believe this is a good government… ha!!

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