Bolivian pride: Jennifer Salinas, boxing!

El Deber gave us the opportunity to smile and be proud, it is not everyday we can lift our spirits. Jennifer Salinas belongs to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

CHECK the UPDATE: November 23, 2013: she made   it!!

Roly Callaú Cruz reports:

Bolivian Pride

The Bolivian Queen Jennifer Salinas returned to the ring by inserting the hand well and hitting hard, as she knows. Her rival, the American Angel Gladney, felt the weight of her hands and at the end of the match, held on Saturday in North Carolina, the judges gave the winner, unanimously, to our representative.

The confrontation for Salinas was agreed to five rounds of two minutes of fighting by one of rest. The victory was overwhelming and not generated discussions for the nearly thousand people who gathered at the Epic Center, including Bolivian friends who made a long road-trip from Virginia to Charlotte to see in action the Bolivian fighter.

“I was touched to see so many Bolivians, together to support me,” said Jennifer, which raised her personal score, to 13 winning fights in 16 clashes, with her recent victory. Gladney has a score of 15 professional fights and three times was a contender for a world title. After this victory, Salinas began to get offers for fights in different places in the United States. “I have a dream and am not going to renounce,” she said, in allusion to the world Crown which she aspires.

After the fight, the Boxer accepted the invitation to a ‘churrasco’ (steak BBQ) of fellowship offered by the Bolivians who traveled for more than 12 hours (roundtrip) to encourage her. She was touched, and offered to redouble her efforts to give Bolivia a world Crown.

This Friday, she is scheduled to arrive to Cochabamba to schedule a fight in that city on November, which will serve as a springboard for something more interesting later on. She also wants that her representatives intend to make a professional fight in Santa Cruz to be closer to her people. “I have many friends, but I communicated with them only through Facebook.” “It would be nice to box for them”, she synthesized.

Salinas was born in the United States, but was raised in Santa Cruz land until she was 15 years in the neighborhood of La Morita before returning to the country of the North. She has four children, the last is four months old (Jalia), but she does not prevent to comply fully with her training and presentations. After Cochabamba plans to reach Santa Cruz next week to donate major sports training material (21 pairs of gloves, mouthguards, bandages for hands, etc). “I feel an immense affection for this land which sheltered me since childhood”, she commented.

After her victory and in confidence with their compatriots while they shared dinner, the Boxer confessed that two weeks ago, during a training session, suffered a major injury that almost forced her to suspend the match. “I did many prayers I cared enough to win, and thankfully got it.” “Did not want to disappoint the Bolivians who traveled many hours to encourage me,” she said.

“When I strive it so I always thinking Bolivia” – Jennifer Salinas

We are very proud and salute Jennifer Salinas’ drive: A good mom and a very competitive and successful boxer!!!

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