Bolivian businesses awarded for excellence!!

Kudos go to: Menno Travel, S.R.L., Beneficiadora de Almendras Urkupiña S.R.L., Bolital, Consorcio Jurídico & Empresarial “Jurtecont”, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Martín de Porres, Comunicaciones El País, Crédito con Educación Rural (Crecer), Import Export San Jorge, Ingeniería de Datos y Computación, Japebu Bienes Raìces – Inversiones, Ecológica Natu Diet en Estevia y Cereales, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Pedro, Setramex CTI Grupo Express.

They are Bolivian entrepreneurs who received recognition from the World Confederation of Business ( On June 25th in Orlando, Fl. “The Bizz 2011: Reaching the Star” took place and these Bolivian companies received awards under the disciplines: Inspirational and Entrepreneurial.

We are proud of them, wish them success in this special times where the Keynesian versus Friedman models are not as clear as anyone would hope to.

A direct mention to Ecológica Natu Diet en Estevia y Cereales also appeared in:

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