Interpol refuses to activate the search for former Bolivian ministers Murillo and López

MADRID, Dec 4 (EUROPA PRESS) – Nosy Media:

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has ruled out this Thursday activating the blue alert against the former Minister of Government of Bolivia Arturo Murillo, fled the country a few weeks ago together with the former head of Defense, Fernando López, while the authorities investigate them for possible irregularities in the purchase of riot control equipment and supplies.

“The answer is negative, they did not accept to disseminate the blue notification to search for Mr. Murillo y López, so this documentation is already known to the prosecutor, the notification could not be fulfilled,” explained the director of Interpol in Bolivia, Pablo García.

Likewise, García has also communicated that the search and arrest request against the former Minister of Hydrocarbons, Víctor Hugo Zamora, who is facing a complaint for alleged irregularities in the million-dollar insurance contracting for the state-owned Yacimiento Petrolifos Fiscal Bolivianos (YPFB) the pandemic, has also been rejected.

During a conversation for the Radio Éxito station, García explained that Interpol’s refusal is based on the fact that it considers these alleged crimes of a “political” nature, the same argument that he used to dismiss the arrest of former President Evo Morales for sedition.

Interpol’s decision comes after Garcia himself assured at the end of November that the agency had approved the activation of the blue seal, which serves to “collect additional information about the identity of a person, location or activities in relation to a crime “.

Murillo and López are being investigated in Bolivia for the alleged purchase of anti-riot equipment for the Bolivian Armed Forces and Police at an extra cost. Both would have left the country on November 5 for Brazil, where López would continue, according to the information handled by the authorities, while Murillo, after passing through Panama, would already be in the United States.

In the case of Zamora, after the Police did not locate him in any of his residences in Bolivia, they ordered his search, due to the alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption that he would have committed in the direct purchase of insurance goods and services worth 49 million bolivianos (about six million euros) during the coronavirus crisis, despite contravening the contracting regulations of the oil company.

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