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Authoritarianism prevents Morales from accepting debate

El Diario reports:

According to Carlos Mesa

The candidate for president by the Citizen Community (CC) alliance, Carlos Mesa, said that the authoritarian stance of Evo Morales makes him refuse to debate and go to the dirty war, in addition to fake news.

“Evo Morales, the debate that you reject, reflects your authoritarian spirit. He does not debate with the people, who turn their back on 21F and who believe that debating is giving speeches to passive audiences. I invite him to a debate of ideas and of the future, facing the people”, posted in his Twitter account CC candidate, Carlos Mesa.

Yesterday, he again summoned President Morales, referring to his authoritarian character, who arrives daily in his helicopter to different towns in Bolivia, where he is received by passive audiences that are summoned under pressure and threatened with fines by the social organizations of the MAS and executes the same monologue that he has been formulating for almost 14 years and then tackles his helicopter and repeats the same script in another location, he said.

On July 8, the candidate of CC, Carlos Mesa, asked President Evo Morales to debate, “in the last months we visited the 9 departments of the country and we saw that the population demands to contrast the proposals for the future. The government must stop hiding behind fake news and dirty war, so I call the unconstitutional candidate Evo Morales to a public debate.”

The reason for the call to engage in a democratic discussion is the result of listening to the demand of the citizens who expressed to the candidate of CC their need to contrast the visions of the future of the only two candidates with options to contest the first place in the next elections of October, the candidate stated.

In this regard, in a recent statement, Archbishop Monsignor of Sucre, Jesus Juarez, said that a debate among the candidates for the general election on October 20 would be healthy for democracy, for the population to evaluate them.


During a public event in the municipality of Viacha, President Morales said that the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) has a program for the Bicentennial that is debated every day, not only when there are general elections and questioned opposition candidates who only remember the government programs during the electoral elections.