Natural parks in Bolivia

Roxana Jimenez reports for El Dia:

Three proposals

Protected areas. They are a natural heritage that can be visited by tourists. They are valued for their biodiversity.

There are three national parks located in the Bolivian territory. Its main characteristic is its infinite natural greatness and that are considered a natural heritage. In this line are the Sajama, Tunari and Noel Kempff Mercado.

Imposing. The richness of its flora and fauna is indisputable. Bolivia is the eighth country in the world with the most biodiversity. There are 120 types of ecosystems in the world and there are 66 in the country. The page points out a list of 21 large natural areas that impose all their nobility on biodiversity and natural attraction, of which we point out three listed as parks.

3 options
we present you today, although there are varieties.


It is a paradise for lovers of andean-mountaineering. Its highest point is the Nevado Sajama, which in turn is the highest mountain in the country, in a territory that is managed in a range of heights ranging from 4,000 meters to the maximum height marked by that mountain, 6,542 m.s.n.m.


Located in Cochabamba is exposed in a mountain flanked by arid valleys and temperate climate. With 30 species of mammals and more than 130 birds, endemic birds such as Poospiza, which is in danger of extinction.

Noel Kempff Mercado

His name is due to the life, in full vocation to botany of, Noel Kempff and its creation dates from 1979. It sits in the northwest of Santa Cruz, a territory of tropical climate and flirting with the border with Brazil. Ecosystem rich in species of fauna and flora.

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