What clothes to take if you travel to Bolivia?

Paula Barajas for Bolivia.com:

If you are thinking of traveling to Bolivia, we recommend that you read these tips before leaving.

Bolivia is a wonderful and attractive country for tourists. By having a low cost in dollars, it makes it one of the most favorable international destinations for many Latin Americans.

On the other hand, Bolivia being a country of height, sits on a cold plateau and narrow vegetation that exceeds in many places the 4,000 m and descends to the flat lands of the Amazon where the landscape is green and tropical.

The ‘dry’ season runs from March to November and is considered the best time to travel.

And if you are thinking about taking a trip to the Bolivian highlands, this information is for you.

What to bring?

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Whether you travel to the highlands or the Amazon region, you will need a hat, sunglasses, and a cream that protects the skin.

Likewise, in the lower regions, in the rainforest environments and of course, in the Amazon there are mosquitoes. So a good repellent will help protect you from them.


The high regions are cold or very cold even in good weather. Therefore, a Buff as a scarf or windbreaker for the face will thank the sun when the environment cools.

A lined jacket

A warm jacket and a fleece jacket will also be appropriate in the heights.

Beyond the Salar de Uyuni, in the region of lagoons and deserts the temperature drops a lot when the sun goes down and a good coat will be essential.

Shirts and long-sleeved pants

Whichever place you visit, long-sleeved shirts, for the cold and for mosquitoes, and long or removable trousers made of a technical fabric that is easy to wash and dry will make your trip more comfortable and save space in your suitcase.


Even in dry season there may be rain as a result of winds coming from the south. Therefore it will not hurt to bring a thin raincoat in the bag or backpack, which does not occupy space or weigh.

There are several options that you can consider. While an umbrella could be the usual thing to protect you from the rain and work perfectly if you are visiting towns and cities like La Paz, they would not be the best option for hiking in the mountains or in the jungle.

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is a reality and does not have a magical solution. It is therefore good to carry a small kit with the most basic remedies that can include a paracetamol for headache and an anti-flu paste.

A country that you must visit!

Bolivia is a wonderful country to visit and if you follow these tips you will avoid many problems.

So if you are thinking of traveling to the highlands, do not be scared by these recommendations. Do it, I assure you that it will be one of the best experiences you can experience.

And you dare to know the best of Bolivia?


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Great tips by Paula! Just additional recommendation regarding high altitude: avoid eating at night nor having alcoholic beverages, at least for the first night you are at the Bolivian Altiplano. Instead, have water, tea and candies [sugar].

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