Not only Odebrecht should be investigated in Bolivia, but also OAS, CAMC and other

I believe evo tries to divert corruption issues, there are other direct-awarded state contracts that need serious, unbiased investigation … I doubt this government will allow a competent, just body to clarify corruption … the above is the opinion of Bolivian Thoughts.

Prensa Latina reports:

Bolivian President Requires to Investigate Corruption Reports

La Paz, Apr 2 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales announced today he will ask the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia to create a mixed commission to investigate corruption denunciations, linked to Brazilian company Odebrecht.
‘I have decided to ask the Plurinational Legislative Assembly to open a deep investigation of that authority, as it is mentioned in some communication media and find the authors if there has been extortion, bribes, the allocation of construction projects’, ratified the President.

At the headquarters of the Police General Command, in this city, Morales asserted nor the government or he are implied in no act of corruption with enterprises, much less with Odebrecht.

He also said the national government is the most interested party in investigating this corruption case, so he informed about the decision to create this commission that will be formed by deputies and senators, both of the government and the opposition.

‘We are surprised that some reports now appear, that is why I have decided that a mixed commission (…) investigates corruption cases, perhaps exercised, manipulated, organized by that Brazilian enterprise Odebrecht’, he argued.

He added that for this week the Plurinational Legislative Assembly will organize this mixed commission, to investigate with transparency who are the authorities implicated in the case of corruption, revealed by the media in these days.

He said the case Odebrecht is a scandal that appeared in Brazil and it has already involved governments and presidents of Latin America.

Odebrecht is a research published by the U.S. Department of Justice on bribes given to government officials of several countries by the Brazilian construction company in order to receive benefits in public contracts.


A related post of evo’s wrongdoings was issued last year:

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