About maids or household employees in Bolivia …

Impressive number of people, let’s not forget that it has been declining as evo’s demagogue forced many households to fire these people, by forcing unrealistic payments like the double Christmas bonus … in the end, the “cure” was worse than the illness itself. Bolivian people have to work to survive, working as a maid/household employee is not as bad as some demagogue, political individuals argued against this type of work. There are allegations that these people are badly paid and are not treated with dignity … to those allegations I would only point out to these numbers. People work as maids as it is a decent work, not stomping coca leaves to make cocaine, not engaged in illegal activities.

I have known many cases where these brave, hard-working women have succeeded in giving university degrees to their children, they made possible to reach progress levels, regardless of the demagogue attempts to capture their votes by cheap petty politicians.

In my case, I can affirm that I was blessed with three extraordinary, caring, loving, honest and loyal women in my life … during my childhood, I was fortunate to have a great person in my house and also met another wonderful human being at my grandparents’ home. And lately, for more than 32 years, an exceptional person who helped us raise our two children, the loyalty and decency of these individuals are extraordinary and are great examples of these people and their work inside Bolivian households. They became part of our family, they were and are, loved and respected, one of them rests at our family mausoleum. And there are many fortunate families like mine! 

They did not only gave love, helped with the cleaning but also contributed by saving our resources, these exceptional people are now in the verge of extinction. Most Bolivian households do not want to hire more of them, as the government demands more than what most Bolivian households can afford.

So, there are going to be more unemployment in Bolivia, thus less opportunities to earn a decent living. I only thank God for awarding me with these exceptional human beings in my life. The above opinion is from Bolivian Thoughts.

Fides reports via El Diario:

In Bolivia more than 117 thousand people are household employees

In Bolivia, 117,735 people are employed at home, of which 94.3 percent are women and 5.7 percent are men, according to the 2016 Household Survey, reported the National Statistics Institute (INE), on purpose. that every 30th of March the National Day of the Worker and the Salaried Worker of the Home is remembered.

According to the survey, 28.1 percent belong to the age range of 15 to 24 years and 24 percent are in the ages of 35 to 44 years.

Santa Cruz is the department that registers the highest number of employees at home, concentrating 47.3 percent of people engaged in this activity.

According to the 2016 Household Survey, the level of education attained, of the domestic employees, is secondary with 57.1 percent, followed by the primary level with 32.9 percent. In addition, 44.0 percent of these workers are single.

Likewise, 33.4% of the domestic employees are heads of household, 29.5% are wives or cohabitants and 23.3% are sons or daughters.

LA PAZ/Fides



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