And this is why I love the USA, its wonderful people that no matter what, help Bolivians!

Steve Moseley writes for York News Times:

‘Little Annie’ is in trouble in Bolivia

Henderson’s Jenice Epp will trade her home for sugery

YORK – ‘Little Annie’ is in desperate need of surgery and Jenice Epp will make it happen … one way or the other.

The story begins in Bolivia, the country in which Annie (not the child’s real name) lives and to which Epp travels to serve children in a special orphanage twice each year.

The orphanage, she explained, is the only one in the country that accepts kids with such profound special needs as Annie.

A boy from there will have heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., however the remaining cost of his procedure has been covered. Mayo, she said, takes in five kids worldwide for heart surgery each year. The boy from Bolivia, who has only one working chamber in his heart, is among the fortunate five.

Not so lucky, though, when it comes to Annie’s surgery for craniostenosis. Children’s Hospital in Omaha has agreed to do it for $68,426.25 in cash. When surgeon, medication, anesthesia costs are added the overall bill is projected to be approximately $150,000.

Epp said Annie’s problem is that her newborn soft spot has not filled as it should. As a result her growing brain is pushing outside her skull. The child came to the orphanage at age 4 and is now 6.

Epp last saw her in May, “When I opened my mouth and said I would make (the surgery) happen.”

The present fundraising effort is a result of that commitment to Annie’s future.

She will see Annie again when she makes her second 2017 visit to the orphanage next month.

Dollars collected so far will not cover the amount needed; however Epp’s faith is unwavering.

“God usually waits till the last minute,” she said with a smile and a shrug.

Clearly, however, Epp was absolutely serious moments later when she said, “I will take out a loan or sell my only home to complete the payment of her medical bills in the United States,” if that’s what it takes. “The only way this surgery won’t happen is if she dies before we can do it or if the U.S. won’t let her into the country.”

Those who wish to donate to Annie’s surgery are invited to do so through the United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 86, McCool Junction 68401. If the surgery does not happen all checks will be returned.

“If everybody I’ve talked to gave me $10,” she said, “I would have what I need” already.

Epp said Annie will go to a facial/cranial clinic on a Tuesday with surgery scheduled late the following week. She will be required to spend at least a month in Nebraska post-surgery, most likely living with either Epp or her niece.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Initiatives like this one, take my breath away, bring home into this world …. that is why I love the US of A and its people!

In Bolivia, a poor country, under the “leadership” of a coca grower who has toyed with the Law, and illegitimately became elected, well after it wasn’t legally or ethically possible, this socialist egomaniac intends to run again. eleven years after and over $160 billion dollars wasted.

This petty excuse of a president, bought a luxury plane, fancy helicopters, and armored vehicles to just travel …. doesn’t govern but travel … Bolivia has a poor health care system and this individual made hundreds of soccer fields across the country.

A waste of money when there are more humane and compelling cases like “Little Annie’s” … 

My prayers go for her recovery and of course to a great human being like Mrs Jenice Epp!!

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