Blatant Corruption: ‘70% of the confiscation of property disappeared’

Ismael Luna reports for El Dia:

According to investigation by Senator Gonzales:

‘70% of the confiscation of property disappeared’

The Assemblywoman said that it is not baout simple responsible officials, but a criminal organization.

During the last years, the assets of the General Directorate of Registration and Control and Administration of Seized Goods (Dircabi) reached 22,914 goods confiscated to drug trafficking, of which 70% valued at 140 million dollars that would have been lost, according to an investigation by the opposition senator Carmen Eva Gonzales reflected by the Erbol Network.

The senator, in her report reflected this Sunday [06/04/2017] by the Red Erbol, says that only the means of transport, including vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, construction machinery and poultry, reaches 6,033 to which must be added 140 light aircraft that were delivered for maintenance to the Bolivian Air Force.

She said that they are no longer just responsible officials, but a criminal organization with illicit enrichment, not excluding the highest authorities of the Ministry of Government, whose officials prosecute officials of lower ranks.

Responsible for the loss. Gonzales points out as responsible for this loss to the Ministry of Government that has under tuition to Dircabi, which also benefited from the temporary delivery of goods and motorized, as well as the Bolivian Police.

In that understanding the Ministry of Government would have 271 means of transport and 18 buildings, making 289 goods total, while the Police would be in possession of 633 means of transport and 33 buildings for a total of 666 goods.

These assets are delivered through simple interim deposit contracts, which according to the rules stipulated in D.S. 26143 and 29305, the figure of the provisional deposit is for the institution to take care of and not to use it. For the latter, they need a loan agreement signed by Notary Office of Public Record.

He said that Dircabi had 1,660 houses seized and 1,000 head of cattle, as well as perishable goods, money, jewels, securities and accusations that apparently disappeared, by carelessness or deliberate negligence of the directors of national Dircabi and especially Dircabi- Santa Cruz.

Only in Santa Cruz. Gonzales emphasized that the highest volume and value of goods is in Santa Cruz.

She explained that only the department has registered 6,897 goods, Cochabamba 5,622 and La Paz, 5,009 goods and they continue in importance, Tarija with 2,083 and Oruro 1,573. Among other aspects she reported that there is an arbitrary disposition of goods such as the case of Jacob Ostreicher rice, without identifying the person responsible for the loss of these goods.

Interpellation with Romero. The opposition leader announced that she is preparing an interpellation with the Minister of Government, Carlos Romero, as the highest executive authority of Dircabi, and based on the evidence, will bring actions before the Public Ministry.

Last week, Minister Romero told the news media that there is progress in the audit and general inventory process for Dircabi’s assets but he was not encouraged to estimate a date for the delivery of that report./Erbol

Point of view

“All this that is revealed is a national shame”

Humberto Vacaflor
Journalist and political analyst

“It seems to me that we are dealing with a government in which thieves are included and I say this not only in this case. The different denunciations of the same government are unveiling this situation. This is the case in Yacimientos, as well as in the case of Huanuni where minerals are stolen.

It warrants that there be an international organization that will succinctly investigate how our resources and our institutions of the country have been handled all these years. It is clear that the Comptroller General of the State, has not done anything so far. So it was with Mr. Herbas and in the same situation is with the current comptroller.

About of the seized goods to the drug traffic, is another proof of the misrule reigning in the country. But if we realize who were responsible for administering were its MAS members. It takes a change of attitude of President Evo Morales and to investigate these facts in depth.”

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