Abandoned steam train graveyard in Bolivia, in pictures

From The Telegraph:

Abandoned steam train graveyard in Bolivia, in pictures


In the heart of southern Bolivia lies a mysterious train graveyard, where the skeletons of British steam locomotives and carriages rust away on the edge of the world’s largest salt flats.


The graveyard contains over 100 steam locomotives and rail cars which been dumped around a stretch of disused track 3km southwest of Uyuni in Bolivia.


Many of the trains and locomotives are British imports and have eroded due to the harsh Bolivian climate.


Photographer Chris Staring who travelled to Bolivia to take these photos said: “Most of the 19th century steam locomotives were imported from Britain so only designed and built for the British climate…


“…Although built to withstand harsh weather conditions, the locomotives proved to be no match for the challenging conditions that they found themselves in while chugging their way through the high altitudes, thin air, corrosive salty winds and extreme temperatures in Bolivia and Chile.”


Looking down the old tracks heading towards the chilean coastline.


The view of the horizon from aboard one of the old locomotives.


Inside one of the wrecked rail cars.


The empty rusted shell of an old carriage.


Heavy train parts lay scattered around the graveyard.


To see more of Chris’s work visit his website: http://www.chrisstaring.com



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