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Jubileo: Bolivia has no capacity to meet demand for gas

Pagina Siete reports:

Jubileo: Bolivia has no capacity to meet demand for gas


In the event that Brazil and Argentina demanded the maximum volumes of natural gas that allows them to contract simultaneously, Bolivia currently is not able to meet this demand, which is opposed to the idea of turning the country into a regional energy Center, said the Jubilee Foundation.

In an analysis, emphasizes that the increase of natural gas is based on greater exploitation of the megacampos Sábalo, Margarita and San Alberto, which speeds up the start of the phase of decline and even jeopardizes the safety of the reservoirs.

He warned that there is weakness in the exploratory phase, due to that no new discoveries were made in the last 10 years and there is no new significant fields that have joined the activity of production, with the exception of Incahuasi, which is expected to operate from August.

“The production situation is so delicate that the scheduled shutdown of a plant such as Margarita causes shipping in smaller volumes to our buyers. There is no other fields that cover these maintenance which are normal in the industry”, said yesterday the researcher of Jubileo, Raul Velásquez.

From Wednesday, the Government of Argentina restricted the sale of compressed Natural Gas between 18:00 and 23:00. In addition, urged companies to reduce consumption by low temperatures and “the reduction in the volume of natural gas that Bolivia sends”, according to a statement from the Ministry of energy.

YPFB attributed lower natural gas volumes sent to Argentina in recent days to maintenance work conducted in the Margarita plant in Tarija.