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Government forced to discuss Fiscal Pact

El Dia reports in hoybolivia.com:

Government forced to discuss Fiscal Pact

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 2.50.20 PMEL DIA.- The general counsel of the Santa Cruz Government, José Luis Parada, said that “the Government is forced to touch the Fiscal Pact with sub-national levels” due to the looming crisis in the country. “Before there was no political will because they had resources and 95% spent one political party between their centralized institutions, municipalities and governorates,” he said.

He said the economic crisis will now force the central government to review and take action, as social demands continue to be subject to inflation due to the falling of the oil revenues.

Workshop. Therefore, in order to take action together, the Governorate through the Department of Institutional Coordination, organized a workshop on Fiscal Pact, with municipal authorities in the provinces Andrés Ibáñez and Warnes. Besides the presence of assembly and congress appointed/elected people.