European Union awaits for Bolivian incentives to invest

El Diario reports:

European Union awaits for incentives to invest

• Ambassador Timothy Torlot stated that a legal, clear and transparent framework is important in any country in the world, adding that the international community expects the regulations of the law. Meanwhile, Ambassador James Thornton recognizes the economic potential of the country expressed in the gas, minerals and agriculture

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.57.10 AMThe European Union noted the adoption of laws in Bolivia to promote new investments and provide legal certainty to international capital. In this regard, the head of the Delegation of the European Union in Bolivia, Ambassador Timothy Torlot said that a clear and transparent legal framework is important in any country in the world, adding that the international community now expects the regulations of the law, and incentives to encourage the arrival of more foreign investment in Bolivia. [pictures obtained from the internet]

He said that the Investment Law and Arbitration and Conciliation shows clarity for investors to arrive in the country, but that is only a part, now the regulations are expected and it is unknown whether the government will present incentives, but it is up to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the British ambassador, James Thornton, said that with the new approved standards, “now we must expect that investments come to the country, and it is not, you have to think in a bid to attract foreign capital” he said.

He acknowledged that the country has economic potential as it has natural resources such as gas, minerals and agriculture. So it would be important that the economic forum that took place in New York, United States, be replicated in London, so that Bolivia presents its entire offer to potential British investors.

It is incomprehensible NOT to realize that this coca grower ochlocracy is SO incompetent!

If we read in between the lines of this news, we can only conclude that the European Union Ambassadors are telling current Bolivian government to DO their job!

What does this government think? that investors will come just because they like so much the coca grower leader? that is not being naive but foolish! Investors will go anywhere in the world where laws and contracts are protected, where there is more competitiveness than any other part.

The Bolivian socialist populism is just making a huge ridicule! in all their fronts!

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