Bolivian Jenny Quisbert wins international competition!

El Diario reports:

Young alteña wins international competition

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.06.28 AMThe first place of the contest Leachate Treatment Systems for Landfill, held in Santiago, Chile, was occupied by Jenny Quisbert, who at 23-year-old, won $40 million dollars for the implementation of the project in El Alto.

The young alteña [born in El Alto city] is in her ninth semester on Environmental Engineering at the Military School of Engineering and performed her internships at the Department of Environmental Management and Control of the Mayor of El Alto where the municipality provided documentation and supplies needed for preparing her proposal.

“The project includes the installation of tanks in landfills for treating liquids that are extracted from solid waste, to obtain a liquid of potable coloring, to avoid environmental pollution,” said Quisbert.

The event was organized by the international institution “Innova” last October 24 in Santiago, Chile, where also participated delegations from Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and said neighboring country.

The $40 million dollars obtained as awards, will be arranged in the construction of two tanks in the landfill of Villa Ingenio and three others in Milluni Alto, where environmental studies are conducted for the qualification of a new landfill.

Mayor Soledad Chapeton highlighted the contribution of the winning project which will meet the demands of the El Alto population, also explained that the same project was awarded first place in the contest Leachate Treatment Systems for Landfill.

“The construction of these tanks will be completed in two years, and will be the contest winner who will join us in monitoring them,” said the Mayor of El Alto.

I welcome Jenny Quisbert to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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