CBN volunteers cleaned Titicaca lakeside

Pagina Siete reports:

CBN volunteers cleaned Titicaca lakeside

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.15.23 AMIn the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, volunteers of the Bolivian National Brewery (CBN) conducted the cleaning of the Kohana Bay of Lake Titicaca.

The activity was held with the Ministries of Environment and Water, Health, Justice, Culture and Tourism, Education and Foreign Affairs, and several universities in the country, the French Embassy, the municipality of Viacha volunteers and staff of the municipality of Pucarani.

The concentration of all these entities was held in the Pucarani square, where the population of the area conducted a brief welcome ceremony to all participants and authorities. They later broke into groups to clean points.

“In the CBN, we have dedicated people, working constantly voluntarily to contribute to the development of our country. On this occasion they have joined efforts of public, private and university sector to clean up the lake Titicaca, a marvel of our country” said Ibo Blazicevic, institutional manager of the CBN.

“Due to their critical conditions of pollution, the lake today demand our help. Hopefully we can encourage a culture of environmental care, will constantly be replicated and is not only a one single activity,” he added.

The active role that CBN has on environmental protection is based on different approaches: responsible production, which includes the efficient use of resources such as water; reducing our carbon footprint and generating inclusive businesses, mainly focused on the recycling of products and waste.

In addition to this, it notes that the company has seven brewing effluent treatment plant (ETP’s) installed in all its production plants, 100% biological.

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