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Costs and landscapes of Bolivia to seduce even Hollywood

Andrea Monasterios reports for El Deber:

Costs and landscapes of Bolivia to seduce even Hollywood

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.49.15 PMIn the first half of 2015, George Clooney and Werner Herzog filmed two films in the country. International TV programs and even video portrayed our culture.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.41.36 PM“Our brand is crisis”, produced by George Clooney movie, starring Sandra Bullock, the first Hollywood production recorded scenes in La Paz, and “Salt and fire”, led by German cult director Werner Herzog, who traveled to the salt plains of Uyuni, are the most important productions that were filmed in our country so far this year, increasing foreign interest in using Bolivia as a scenery.

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The geography, cost, popularity of filmmakers, of the country brand and the youthful enthusiasm are factors that Bolivia has become a good choice for shooting as domestic producers are hired by foreign companies for logistical support .

For Bolivians …

The common denominator of interest in the country’s geography, often exuberant, from the highlands to the virgin forests.

For the Bolivian Gerardo Guerra, Londra Films producer, who was in charge of Our brand is crisis, every month documentaries are filmed, and the situation in the country has improved, but also increased prices.

Meanwhile, Victoria Guerrero, paceña [born in La Paz] with extensive experience in international films, clarifies that production costs in other countries would triple; however, the project in Bolivia tariffs range between $500 and $2,000 American dollars, an amount that foreign producers not skimp on pay; however, there is a problem of lack of information between Customs and the National Film Board, as revenues are not going to fund local production, but their fixed assets.

To clarify this, Ivan Rivas, director of this institution, did not answer El Deber calls.

A different view maintains Diego Mondaca, in charge of the local production of Salt and fire, which ensures that the political-social attraction is most striking, that somehow Evo Morales, regardless of political affiliation, has put the country on the map, not only landscapes but for its people and culture.

Also it highlights the work of filmmakers like Miguel Hilari, Kiro Ruso and Pablo Piñeiro, among others, who have made Bolivia shine at festivals like Sundance, Bacifi and Berlinale, with radical production and different to commercial work.

For foreign …

Domestic producers commented that foreigners praised the enthusiasm and youth of Bolivian teams, who have done excellent work opening up new opportunities.

While there is failure to reach an international level, the foreign ‘school’ is sowing seeds for the future.