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A wonderful exhibition: “Masamaclay”, history of the Chaco War

El Diario reports:

“Masamaclay”, history of the Chaco War

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.54.42 PMThe different perceptions of a war, in this case the Chaco that faced Bolivia and Paraguay are the leitmotif of the exhibition entitled “Masamaclay” which brings together the work of 16 Bolivian artists selected by the curators, Helena Malatesta of Paraguay with Joaquín Sánchez and José Bedoya from Bolivia. The exhibition consists of photographs, paintings, sculptures, drawings, performances and video art exhibition at the Museum of Art in La Paz.

“The Chaco War struck violently the societies of Paraguay and Bolivia and was a milestone generator of a national sentiment on both sides of the line of dispute. The cruelty with which the two brotherly countries armed themselves and became violent actions was like a bloody birth of immense pain. Eighty years later, there are no open wounds among Paraguayans and Bolivians, the wounds were closed forever, perhaps, by that embrace so strong and humane at the time the end of the war was declared,” said Sanchez.

There are 16 young artists of the group “The Nest”: Andoro, Andrea Hinojosa, Carla Spinoza, Cristina Collazos, Gabriel Barceló, Gabriel Fernandez, Aldair Indra, Ivanova Gutierrez, Kathia Simon, Liliana Vargas, Liliana Zapata, Maria Riveros, Orbitaz Lux, Paola Oña & Carlos del Aguila and Yhomara Muñoz from different parts of the country that display their work, seeking dialogue with works from the time of the Chaco War (thirties) also belonging to artists: Cecilio Guzman de Rojas, Luis Bazoberry, O. Rolam Kühule and Gil Coimbra, as well as historical photographs from the photographic archives of the Cinenómada Foundation (Bolivia) and the Carlos Pusineri Scala Foundation (Paraguay).