Bolivia asks to ALADI compensation from Chile

Jesus Alanoca reports for El Deber:

Bolivia asks to  ALADI compensation from Chile

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.21.24 PMIn less than two months there were customs’ stoppages that caused severe economic damage to the country. A Legislative Committee is planning a trip to the area.

Bolivia made a formal complaint to the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) for the strikes in customs and port services in Chile, which caused economic losses to the country carriers.

“It has formally requested, it was given to the Consul of Chile, the request for compensation (…) All communication with ALADI have been made. Our Ambassador, Benjamin Blanco, has presented all the abuses we have suffered,” said Deputy Foreign Minister, Juan Carlos Alurralde.

He explained that in a meeting at the Foreign Ministry with the diplomatic representative of the neighboring country, Milenko Skoknic, it was handed in the documentation with the government’s request, and, in parallel, work is conducted on the quantification of damages.

Recurrent strikes in Arica and Iquique ports, Alurralde said, violate the free movement, as established in the Treaty of 1904. “Once we have the studies of the losses, will be announced and the areas of transport, trade and export are most affected,” he added.

My opinion: this is the best proof that Chile does not honor the treaty they so much like to brag about…The International Court of Justice in The Hague should note this!

Bolivia has had to struggle for over a hundred years without free, sovereign access to the Pacific, as Chile invaded and took by force our seacoast. Renowned economists like Jeffrey Sachs had stated that is much harder for countries like Bolivia with no access to ports, to develop properly. A landlocked country is in fact in disadvantage with regard to other similar economies.

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