Ecuador and Brazil want the Bolivian Zebu genetics

Miguel Roca reports for El Deber:

Ecuador and Brazil want the Bolivian Zebu genetics

The farmers of the country await the authorities to sign with Ecuador a sanitary protocol that gives green light to the export of national Zebu genetics.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 9.35.26 AMFernando Baldomar, president of the Bolivian Association of Zebu Breeders (ASOCEBU) announced that Ecuador is considering importing the Bolivian Zebu genetics. Also noted that is well advanced the interest by the Brazilian sector of the crossing in Nelore breed of Bolivia.

“In Ecuador we have demonstrated the genetic quality of our Zebu, I understand that in May, they are coming to Bolivia to sign health care protocols. There are a lot of farmers interested in coming to the country and buy our genetics” said Baldomar.

Moreover, he said that Brazil expressed interest in buying Nelore Bolivian genetics; in this regard, said that a Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture Committee is visiting Bolivia to certify semen centers and give green light to export genetics developed in the country.

“We are one step to start exporting our genetics to Ecuador and Brazil, have protocols that have come from Colombia and Peru to be considered, with Paraguay we have a protocol signed but have not heard from business intentions yet,” added the president of ASOCEBU.

These are great news and a clear example that private ventures happen with the solid, non-political support from the central government, and that is badly needed, nothing else!

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