Inexhaustible strength of Esteban Quelale

El Diario made an excellent recognition of a superb athlete:

Inexhaustible strength

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.43.52 AMEsteban Quelale, 71 years old, runs in El Diario’s competition [13 kilometer run] for 40 years. The icon of the Bolivian received the athletics gold medal in the specialty of the Bolivarian walk in 1977 and Odesur, held in the city of La Paz, he is an example of perseverance and endurance which has not yet exhausted.

The senior of the National Press invites you to make history with the country’s largest sporting event. Sign up at the headquarters of the journalistic house, located on No.118 Loayza street at the seat of government in our agencies of La Paz, El Alto and in the rest of the country, at authorized points.

I welcome Esteban Quelale to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.08.10 AMOne of the latest reports available about Esteban, in Spanish, can be read using this link.

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