Armed groups inside Amboro National Park!

Jorge Arancibia reports for El Deber:


Armed groups prey on the forest in Park Amboro

An operating activity conducted  by  Sernap, the police and the Mayor of San Carlos discovered bands that draw large amounts of mahogany wood, sold in Yapacaní.

2013-11-27 10.02.30 amAn operation that lasted three days confirmed the pillaging that suffers the Amboro National Park by people who illegally exploits mahogany wood. Roman Vitron, from the unit of environment of the City Hall of San Carlos (Ichilo), was in action who managed the seizure of 3,500 feet of woos (a load of a Condor truck), a chain saw and other tools used in the crime. In addition, N. Rea Echeverria, who is with pre-trial detention in San Carlos, by order of the judge was arrested.

Vitron argued that the action was developed on the initiative of the municipality which is in coordination with the administration of the protected area of the Amboró, deployed 10 Rangers with support of 10 police officers. “Unfortunately people operating clandestinely in the park are armed and are difficult to arrest,” said the official, to take account of the existence of these bands with people who arrived from the interior of the country. “They felled the trees without any control and less consideration and are now in the very heart of the Park,” he said.

He said that aside from forestry, predators are polluting the Colorado River and the Yapacani, where they take the wood, because they spill sawdust, oil and fuels.


Engineer Remy Padilla, National Head of Oversight and Control of the Authority of the Forest and the Earth (ABT), said that the entity has power to enter any area, and although they were not in the operative, they coordinated with the Park Headquarters to follow the administrative process with seized the timber.

Dr. Gabriel Encinas, Director of the Amboro National Park, said that periodic operatives are conducted, but the latter was more successful. He said that they have a cooperation agreement with the Mayor of San Carlos against predation activities.

Amboro and other National Parks continue to be under threat, we witness how anarchical groups take over agricultural-productive land, so… going after a National Park which is isolated by itself, represents a big opportunity for these criminals. Now, they are even armed which reflects how anarchy and ochlocracy incompetence end up destroying OUR environment!

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