Again, current Bolivian central government truncates the release of Leopoldo Fernandez!!

It is incredible how resourceful in such a bad way, can ALL the operatives be from current government!!! It is inexplicable the hate, resentment they display, and they were the ones who were going to respect human rights!!! in the face to the people who voted for current president!!

Marco Chuquimia writes for El Deber:

Again, the release of Leopoldo is truncated

They changed the Correctional Officer of San Pedro prison. The family is outraged

2013-02-27 10.30.18 amNo legal tidiness from the family seems sufficient to carry the Leopoldo Fernández exprefecto to their home where he must meet the detention; long judicial and police ordeal, yesterday joined the change of Correctional Director of the prison of San Pedro and the transfer was cut short.

With rage and impotence, Pamela Fernández, daughter of the former prefect, accused the Government of hatching all the excuses to prevent the transfer of her father.

A ‘black hand’

The departure of the former authority was scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, February 26th, but San Pedro prison governorate did meet the family prison regime and noted the report of the “controller”, which is a member of this Office; that remark prevented the exit of Fernandez from Cemes clinic, where he is interned since January 13.

But the officer who left the prison at 11:00, did not return and Fernandez attorneys were waiting in the prison compound until after 18:00. The director of penitentiary system, Ramiro Llanos, said they rectify all observations and that Fernandez could go, but the change of Correctional Director does not allow the exit.

It was the very same Colonel Raúl Encinas, who was the Correctional Director of San Pedro, who told Pamela, he was appointed to the prison of Tarija and could not authorise anything; she then went to the Deputy Director, but he was also removed and she was told that today will arrive the new authority of the prison. [typical Bolivian BS, what we call “viveza criolla”, which is no more than cowardliness and poor public service performance! They are so lame that use any excuse possible to continue to hurt the human rights of Leopoldo Fernandez]

She does not believe that the new Director will solve soon the problem of her father and considers that there is “a black hand of the Government” that prevents the transfer [release from the clinic/prison to home detention].


1. On February 5, a judge determined to grant house arrest to the former prefect Leopoldo Fernández.

2. Already the medical discharge in the clinic Cemes of La Paz was given to him, but the lack of custodians prevents him from moving. [another set of BS and lets not forget that the clinic will continue to bill the stay, and who pays? the family…!]

Those of you who believe in karma, just take a sit and will watch, sooner or later, how all those “politicians” receive what they are doing now…

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