No need to celebrate anything, the UN denies possibility of exporting coca

Long-time leader of the coca growers and current president of Bolivia has “staged” “great” celebrations of what he and his acolytes believe it is a success… ERBOL reports:

Growers celebrate the chewed decriminalization

UN denies Bolivia the possibility of exporting coca

Monday, January 14, 2013 – 12: 06

2013-01-16 10.22.54 amThe representative of the United Nations Office for the control of drugs and crime prevention (UNODC), Cesar Guedes, today ratified the coca leaf is criminalized and its export or derivatives – as the mate [tea] – continue sanctioned by international law, after the reentry of Bolivia to the 1961 Convention.

The return of Bolivia to the Convention “does not mean the legalization of the coca leaf, at all (because this product) remains in the list of controlled substances. You can not leave with your coca leaf to other countries because you are exposed to the rules of the country where you go“, said Guedes, in statements to the ERBOL network.

Then – according to the explanation of the representative of the UN – what was achieved is decriminalize the chewed of the coca leaf in the territory of the plurinational State of Bolivia, within its borders, which in practice was always valid, but within the international legislation was banned.

Therefore “it is not that the marketing and consumption of coca or its export to other countries is released, it is all confined within the Bolivian territory, this is an order of Bolivia to a domestic and internal matter for the country and it was remedied with the support of the international community, which says they want to chew (acullicar), (then) do so in your country”, said.

However, President Evo Morales, in the event the mass concentration of coca growers in Cochabamba, said Monday that was achieved not only legalize the green leaf chewed, but also the cultivation of coca in Bolivia. [cheap demagogue and distortion which is believed by the masses of uninformed, mislead followers]

“Not only we have legalized the chewed, but also the cultivation of coca in Bolivia. This is the triumph of this coca leaf in the world. The coca leaf is now not narcotic, is not poison, is part of our culture and is our food”, said.

Growers of La Paz and Cochabamba staged during this day mass mobilizations of celebration by the decision of United Nations to decriminalize the chewed the green leaf within the national territory.

Producers, passing through the main routes of these two Bolivian cities, distributed bags of leaves of coca to passersby and some marchers, allegedly confused, expressed his joy for a supposed decriminalization of the leaf, which was denied by Guedes himself.

What could be great of a coca leaf than numbs the person who uses it? People does not feel tired nor have hunger not because this leaf is so great that replaces rest and energy, it is a drug, just that. Ah… lets not forget how damaging the coca crop is to the environment!

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  1. Elsbet Vocat says:

    And now erradication goes on…..

    1. Lets see how far and “really” goes on…

  2. Elsbet Vocat says:

    This ist what I think too….(The show must go on..)

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