Mirtha Muñoz: A 70 year old Bolivian grandmother conquers ‘Death Road’

Reuters reports for The Economic Times:

A 70 year old grandmother conquers Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’


The ‘death road’ of Bolivia

Bolivia´s “Death Road” might seem an odd place for a septuagenarian grandmother on two wheels. The world´s most dangerous road spirals skyward nearly 11,000 feet, from the country ´s lowland jungles to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Fog, rain, rockslides and sheer cliffs are the main attractions. The road has likely claimed thousands of lives.


The Challenger!

But for 70-year old Bolivian Mirtha Munoz, the oldest ever competitor in Bolivia ´s 60 km (37 miles) Skyrace, an extreme bike racing competition, it was a natural extension of a passion she picked up years ago.


Healing and rebuilding

Munoz took up biking on the advice of her family and a psychologist friend after her son died unexpectedly. “He told me … the bike could help me get through my pain, and to rebuild,” she said.


A pinnacle achievement

Saturday’s race was a pinnacle achievement, no pun intended. “It’s a vertical climb, you go up and up and there ´s no rest,” she told Reuters upon finishing the race.


‘Follow the footsteps’

Munoz, one of the race ´s founders, says she enjoys more low-key bike-riding with her six grandchildren, though admits she hopes the eldest, now approaching 18, will soon follow in her tracks.


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