Bolivia, a well-loved country, celebrated 194 years of freedom

Armando Mariaca writes in El Diario, picture from the internet:

To feel that on August 6, the country celebrates another year of free and independent life, it should be for all Bolivians reason and cause to reformulate purposes that tend to love and serve it with greater force, with honesty and responsibility; but, unfortunately, this is not always the case because many times political-partisan, personal and group interests and conveniences prevail more and actions that tend to ignore that she is the common mother who saw us born and expects her children to act with great conscience and tend to overcome our problems; that we understand that only over us depends on overcoming difficulties; that depend on the courage, sensitivity, feelings and courage of the Bolivians to feel and act according to what she deserves.

The country has been through multiple vicissitudes since the liberators Simón Bolívar and Antonio José de Sucre achieved their liberation from the Spanish yoke; since for many years it was sought that it be the homeland that shelters everyone and that they are factors of development and progress, that its multiple wealth and assets be exploited and used properly, honestly and efficiently; that there is no vestige of arrogance and pride in the heart of any Bolivian man who masters the virtues, principles and values that have been formulated in the heat of what Bolivar, brilliantly taught us: the way to keep the country free, to enlarge it and honor it in all circumstances, to promote and achieve its effective growth, that we preserve its territorial integrity from any danger and that we magnify it based on how much it has and that it expects, simply, the courage, work and discipline of its children to do it more fertile, more productive and able to ensure that all this allows a harmonious and sustained development until reaching conditions of progress and, if possible, that what has been done is an example for future generations who are in charge of perfecting everything that was done.

Sensibly, good intentions and best intentions have not always been possible because there was no country consciousness or values to realize, what the father of the country, Bolívar, had conceived with words that showed his greatness, his dedication and courage to free her and make her worthy of everyone. Aware of what each state power implies for the good progress of the country, addressing the greatest of those powers, he said: “Legislators! Your duty is to call to resist the clash of two enemy monsters that interact with each other, and both will attack at the same time: tyranny and anarchy form an immense ocean of pressure that surrounds a small island of freedom perpetually perpetuated by violence … ” (Message of 1826 to the Constituent Congress of Bolivia).

How deep are those words because he knew how tyranny and anarchy are enemies of governments and peoples, he knew that both as monsters willing to devour everything, are always ready to destroy any obstacle that comes their way and, for that, they take over the powers that pushes them to the worst actions because they know how to use the arrogance, pride and petulance of those who work against virtues and scoff at principles and values. Bolívar has expressed very clear concepts so that from the Legislature it is carefully monitored that those who possess power comply with dignity, highness, honesty and responsibility.

How many tyranny attacks has Bolivia had to endure. How many monsters of cruelty and disdain, pride and foolishness have placed the country on a “small island” to violate their freedom, to seize their territory, to plot against what Bolivian generations loved most: their freedom, their independence and its values to face dangers and painful situations.

The Liberator Simón Bolívar never stopped issuing messages that build, orient and become a vocation and positive action especially of the power holders. Thus, a message to senators and deputies, who, when appointed in such high positions, must abandon the feelings of the party to fully dump them in the service of the country, said: “Consider, legislators, that energy in the public force is the safeguard of individual weakness, the threat that terrifies the unjust, and the hope of society. Consider that the corruption of rulers and peoples is born of the indulgence of the courts and the impunity of crimes. See that without strength there is no virtue, and without virtue the Republic perishes. Look, in order that anarchy destroys freedom and that unity preserves order.”

With those words, then, for all generations, there was a moral gradation that, through the concept of virtue, reaches the force of the law. And that is how Bolívar believed in the moral values that the people would exercise in their life. His message to accomplish all this was categorical and strict, clear and direct: Anarchy destroys freedom and unity preserves order! Thus, many times, the actions of the ambition, the blind obcecation of the managers of quarters or conservatives of totalitarian and dictatorial regimes, will always try to destroy the unit to impose the disorder, the anarchy, the falsification of the virtue and the principles and values that contribute to the awareness of the country.

Bolivar, the more he should have been remembered and honored these days, was more abandoned and it could not be said that the fact was neglected by memory and in any case it was the design of those who seek to impose beliefs and ideologies that the country does not deserve, Homeland that liberators left us and that we Bolivians must maintain and strengthen with courage and patriotism.

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