Daily Archives: March 9, 2019

Bolivia has the second most expensive mobile internet

El Deber reports:

A global study conducted by the price comparison website Cable.co.uk revealed that in Bolivia much more is paid per gigabyte (GB) used in mobile devices, compared to the rest of the countries in South America.

The average price of 1 GB of mobile data costs US $ 8.51 in the country, while in Chile, where it is the cheapest in South America, it costs US $ 1.87. However, in French Guiana it is more expensive than in Bolivia, where $ 13.14 is paid. The study was conducted globally and divides the Latin American countries in Central America, South America and Caribbean islands. On a global scale, Bolivia ranks 157th out of 230 countries.

Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil enter the list of the 100 cheapest worldwide. Meanwhile, India and several of the countries of the former Soviet Union have cheaper data, while in North America much more is paid per gigabyte (GB).