Bolivia still far from achieving food security [… evo wasted 13 years!]

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: After evo’s 13 years of an absolute control of ALL State powers, we do not have food security. After $160 billion dollars of mismanagement, waste of these extraordinary resources we face this?! Few days ago, newspapers reported that Russia is contemplating to sell grains to Bolivia, which will affect even more our productivity … in the past we received donations of grains and flour from the USA and those monetization became counterpart funding for the execution of projects to boost development, grants that no longer come … you can compare now what Russia intends to do versus what we got before evo. In Sum, whatever evo touches, poisons!

El Diario reports:

In 13 years of [current government’s] management

Greater productivity with technical support, irrigation and certified seed.

Despite the millionaire investment that the Government has made in several productive sectors, Bolivia is still unable to guarantee food security for the population, due to the low yields and the slowness of the processes of continuous improvement.

For example, the National Potato Program, low levels of productivity hinder self-sufficiency, although there are advances in some regions.

Last year the Ministry of Rural Development and Land allocated more than 100 million Bolivians to support crops in various producing areas, but without having fully achieved the goals set. In this regard, Windsor Yuli Martínez, Executive Director of Food Sovereignty, a decentralized public entity, said that it is intended to improve the productivity of crops with technical assistance and irrigation improvement, in addition to the use of certified seeds.


In the present year a remnant of 34 million of said program is executed in the installation of irrigation systems, as well as in the provision of certified seeds, among others.

He specified that the yields increased 20 percent and the volume obtained per hectare reached two tons. He noted that the contraband of tubers in Peru directly affects small producers.

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