Daily Archives: December 29, 2018

A priest of the Catholic Church warns that Bolivia is one step away from the dictatorship


“The example that Bolivia is giving is not good,” said Father Manzanera.

The judicial vicar of the archbishopric of Cochabamba, Father Miguel Manzanera, affirmed on Thursday [12/27/2018] that the country is one step away from the dictatorship and even about to be considered Venezuela or Cuba.

“We are already seeing that this can be a step towards dictatorship, because the dictatorship is the one that suppresses democracy, which is (where) the government is elected by the majority of the population, but not simply (by those) who are in the power, “said Manzanera, according to a radio Fides report.

He added that hopefully this situation of the country can be clarified and not be repeated “because the example that Bolivia is giving is not good, we are already one step away from being considered as Venezuela or as Cuba, where only the dominant party is the one that has rights”.