Climatic phenomenon causes disasters in the country

El Diario reports:

Senamhi report

  • Cochabamba, Beni and the north of La Paz are identified as the most vulnerable areas. From January to mid March there will be more rainfall. To date, the phenomenon of “El Niño” claimed the lives of three people and there are 282 families affected throughout the country. The threat of river overflow continues.

Cattlemen of the department of Beni move cattle to Santa Cruz before the increase of the flow of rivers. The population is worried about the sudden changes registered in the country.

The sudden changes in temperature to which the different regions of the country were subjected caused considerable human and material losses. The weather phenomenon claimed the lives of three people, leaving 282 families affected, and the threat of overflowing rivers continues.

The weather phenomenon known as El Niño entered the country sooner than expected. The regions of Cochabamba, Beni and northern La Paz were identified as the most vulnerable areas, according to Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta, who also warned that more rain will be recorded from January to mid-March.

On the other hand, the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) warned that climatic instability with sudden changes in temperature will continue this week, with moderate and temporarily heavy rains and thunderstorms.

According to government authorities, 45 million Bolivians were budgeted to attend to the emergencies and disasters that derive from the climatic phenomenon that this year appeared early in some regions of the country.

Also, the president of the Federation of Cattlemen of Beni, Abdón Nacif, reported yesterday that as a precaution against the increase of the flow of rivers in the region, at least 20,000 cattle were relocated to the department of Santa Cruz.

Beni has a herd of cattle that borders the 3 million animals that serve to meet domestic demand.

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