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Entrepreneurs say that Government intends to detract criticism

El Diario reports:

ECLAC growth and forecasts

The Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (Cepb), lamented that the Ministry of Economy intends to use a topic as sensitive as the ECLAC analysis on the state of the Latin American economy, as an argument to disqualify the claim of the private sector on the accuracy of the figures published by the INE and the payment of the second Christmas bonus.

“We are concerned about the superficiality and the lack of prudence with which the issue of growth is handled, from the Ministry of Economy, and above all we are struck by the fact that a topic that deserves more serious analysis, is used only as an argument to respond to the business sectors,” said Cepb.

After learning that ECLAC modified its initial forecast of growth of the Bolivian GDP from 4% to 4.3% by 2018, the Minister of Economy commented that “While some entrepreneurs question the data, the international specialized agencies highlight them”.

For his part, his deputy Jaime Duran, called a press conference to say that “These data (from ECLAC) ruin those arguments we have heard from some leaders of the Bolivian business, who questioned the numbers and said that the economy it was not expanding.”

In this regard, the Cepb clarified that international organizations that make projections of growth (World Bank, IMF and Cepal) use the official figures provided by governments and do not conduct their own surveys, studies or measurements within countries. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: In other words, the government distorts the information and confuses the Bolivian population. Neither ECLAC nor the World Bank, that is to say, no international organization will ever question the data presented by Bolivia. Then, the masistas only distort and seek to remove credibility from the Bolivian business community. For evo and his acolytes, anything goes to keep giving demagogic bonuses and remain enthroned in power.]