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How evo wasted unprecedented revenues! He graduates with “honors”

An excellent Editorial from El Diario [para la version en español, use el link de abajo, gracias]:

More spending, less works

In the 12 years of the current government, there have been more expenditures and fewer works, which shows that its three constitutional periods have been unsuccessful, much more when the country has had the income of 20,000 million dollars in the last decade, a financial achievement that we never had before, however more works were done than in the current three terms.

It should be noted that when there is a continuity such as occurred, it lends itself to project and conclude works of magnitude, which really drive the development of any country, especially when it is one that, like Bolivia, faces so many shortcomings and is still overwhelming. social poverty.

In this way, the administrative ineptitude is lacking in years that are so lavish in availability of resources, which have not been well taken advantage of, not even in the recent economic period of the country, which is identified as the bonanza that has never been experienced before.

Here are some cases in which it was possible to achieve the industrial advance that is so much needed, so as not to remain a simple importer at times peremptory, but for this very circumstance it was necessary to eliminate them, endowing the nation with its own supply before those requirements.

In addition, if works of any significance were made, they were made with lack of information and criteria. Some cases can be quite illustrative in this regard. It invested 953 million dollars to produce urea, which despite such investment to date, has not been able to normalize its production.

Another unfortunate work was the installation of a modern sugar mill in the province of Iturralde, in the department of La Paz, but for at least three years it has been operating only partially, because there is not enough sugarcane production in the region.

With Karachipampa the mistakes were greater, because it was maintained that Bolivia was going to have a metallurgical plant to produce silver and lead ingots, which would satisfy all the needs that in this primary sector the industry demands and even some commercial and domestic sectors.

In other situations, projects that were not priorities to satisfy public needs have been carried out, such as the cable cars in La Paz and Oruro, the Chimoré airport, the Chinese barges, the petrochemical plants of propylene and polypropylene, in which it would invest no less than 2,200,000 million dollars.

Something similar occurs with the nuclear project, which is thought to invest 2 billion dollars. To satisfy a very own presidential taste, such as the Orinoca museum, it has spent no less than almost seven million dollars, apart from the fact that it does not fulfill any public function, because of the place of its location, as well as because of the purpose it had for attract massive turnout, as happens with works of this nature.

The MAS Government, in contrast to good judgment, did not adopt policies designed to ensure sustained economic growth and change in our primary productive structure. In this direction, until now it has not foreseen something concrete and permanent in relation to a solid agricultural and industrial development derived from these sectors.