UNASUR, ALBA … are falling apart and no serious governments want to deal with evo and Maduro!

As soon as evo’s government was supposed to take over the leadership of UNASUR, half of the countries decided to pull out; despite the shameful plea of evo’s officials for them to stay … this is a clear message to Maduro and evo, the remaining leaders of the ALBA and the “socialists of the 21st century” … their time has long been overdue! Corruption, megalomania needs to give path to strengthening our democratic liberties and restore our republics! The above opinion belongs to Bolivian Thoughts.

AP reports via New Zealand Herald:

6 countries suspend membership in UNASUR regional bloc

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — A South American bloc created a decade ago to counter U.S. influence in the region has temporarily lost half its members after six countries suspended their memberships amid differences over who should lead the group.

Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni said Friday that Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru had decided to temporarily leave the Union of South American Nations, or UNASUR, given differences over choosing the secretary general of the group.

“We have received a note from the six countries saying they will not participate in UNASUR meetings for a period of one year” until the leadership issue is resolved, Huanacuni said by telephone from Ecuador to state television Boliviatv.

Paraguay’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the impossibility of electing a general secretary for UNASUR affects the bloc and that the six countries that will remain outside it until they see “concrete results that guarantee its operation.”

Huanacuni announced a meeting in May to discuss the matter.

UNASUR was promoted by late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela remain in the block.


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