This is evo!

This picture summarizes the real and true character of the coca caudillo:

You can see he is in his own cloud … this egomaniac, delusional autocrat is becoming more dangerous every day that goes by. He wasted over $160 billion dollars from our best economic time ever! He wants to remain in power at all cost!

Despite the Bolivian population said NO to his fourth nomination to the presidency on February 21, 2016, he is relentlessly pushing to remain in power.

He endorses Maduro, he was friend of the dictators of Cuba, Libya, Syria; he welcomes Russia, Iran, China governments … in detriment to our environment, people and interests …

Over the last twelve years of his government, more than 600 Bolivians fled the country out of political persecution. He blackmails the media with his propaganda contract, to restrain our right of free expression. He goes after legal enterprises and has made hundreds of them to go bankrupt.

He has destroyed our institutionality, he has made bloom narcotrafficking, smuggling, corruption! Bolivia is threatened with the anarchical groups of the coca growers, the miners, “landless” groups that invade private property unpunished …

This is evo!!!!!

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Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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