BME and BBV start up Bolivia Stock Exchange’s trading platform

BME reports in

BME and BBV start up Bolivia Stock Exchange’s trading platform

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.14.54 AMBolsa Boliviana de Valores (BBV) and BME have started up a new trading platform for the Latin American venue as part of the market’s upgrade.
The new IT system, called SMART BBV, was designed and developed by BME and supports several markets operated by the Group, including equities and fixed income.

The start-up of SMART BBV helps the Bolivian stock market move forward with the technological and functional upgrade of its markets for financial instruments. BME helped with the roll-out, as well as maintenance and support.

The project strengthens BME’s commitment to Latin American markets in their internationalisation drive. BME has been involved in similar projects over the past few years, implementing IT solutions in Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, México, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Ramón Adarraga, Head of International Coordination at BME, said “Embarking on this ambitious project marks a step forward in our strategy to become the natural partner of Latin America’s stock exchanges and cements our commitment to the region”.

The world continues to evolve, despite the doomed and negative populist government…

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