Millionaires of El Alto and their Urban Change

Pagina Siete reports:

CONFERENCE: Millionaires of El Alto and their Urban Change

Kate MacleanThe new millionaires of El Alto, the chola bourgeoisie and their movements, both social and physical, set in the so-called global south, is the theme of the conference that will provide today [07/27/2016] Kate Maclean, Professor of Social Geography at Birkbeck College, University of London .

The event is sponsored by the Bolivian and Anglo Committee and will be held on July 27 in the Circle of the Union of the city of La Paz, in the traditional lunch of this institution.

Maclean jobs have been and are focused on the theme of women, development and administration.

One of her doctoral studies addressed the use of microfinance for women in Luribay, entitled Citizenship and social inclusion in Bolivia.

With a Philosophy Masters from Edinburgh University, a master’s degree in social sciences and doctorate at the University of York, those are the academic qualifications of Maclean, who has lived and worked in France, Thailand and Spain, as well as having done work of social research in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Mali and Burkina Faso.

Her latest research project is titled Millionaires of El Alto: a process of dislocation, identity change and urban change at the global south, which is based on her previous research in La Paz and its satellite city El Alto, a project that addresses how patterns of accumulation, dispossession and transfer to San Miguel, challenge and question the process of accumulation.

With her studies, in most cases focused on Latin America, she has researched, as feminist geographer, participation of women in microfinance in Bolivia, the rural economy, smuggling, work of ragpickers, urban regeneration, migration cities, and social inclusion. Kate Maclean has published numerous articles and as a speaker presenting her research.

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