More than 200 children are trained as small wildlife rangers

El Diario reports:

More than 200 children are trained as small wildlife rangers

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 3.10.38 PMMore than 200 children between 8 and 12 years old are trained as wildlife rangers, through training workshops for the care of wild animals in the Malls zoo, according to Councilwoman Andrea Cornejo. [pic came from the internet]

According to the mayor’s authority, one of the main objectives of this activity is that children become young wardens and thus convey to the public the importance of caring for wildlife.

For this purpose the municipality has allocated these workshops with the support of experts in the field, as well as those older fauna guards, which at the moment have the care of zoo animals.

Also, the mayor authority noted that these courses are especially made in this holiday season, in order to enable children to use their time to attend the workshops, as the students have time availability since they have pedagogical break.

Likewise is scheduled to make these courses in the summer or year-end so that in this way the children become young wardens, who after receiving training courses receive a certificate as proof that they already can do this work at the zoo.

This small wardens course will conclude at the same time of the winter holidays, on July 18, when children will receive their certificates in the care of wild animals.

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