There is no credibility over current Bolivian gov’s growth projections

El Diario reports:

Annual growth of 5.8%:

Former President of the BCB doubts official projections

Armando MendezThe former president of the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), Armando Mendez, put into question the government’s economic growth projections for the next five years and said it would be an “incredible achievement” to grow 5.8% on average over the next years, as provided by the Government under its National Economic and Social Development Plan, announced by President Evo Morales.

“Growing at 5.8%, in particular 6% for several years in a row would be an amazing and elusive achievement in this international context,” he said.


Mendez described as “very optimistic” the basis under which the government based its calculation, stating that the international agencies handle “more realistic assumptions” to expect that even the Bolivian economy will grow only about 3.5%, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The analyst said that in his opinion, the Bolivian economic growth will not exceed 4%, but noted that likewise Bolivia will be among the most dynamic economies in the region.

Mendez was Deputy Minister of the Treasury in 1989 and later became president of the Central Bank. He is one of the specialized economists on Social Market Economy. He is emeritus professor at the UMSA. His last publication was on Monetary Economics.

Current Bolivian government only concern is to perpetuate in power, so they are offering more bonuses, engaging in billionaire loans to make it look our economy is moving forward… over ten years of presidency under the vertical and strong lead of the coca grower has resulted in $150 billion dollars wasted.

This ochlocratic regime can do no better… they eliminated the institutionally among public offices, have total control of all State powers and will be remembered for: outrageous increase of corruption, narcotrafficking, smuggling, political persecution and the disappearance of Lake Poopo!

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