Mamani Mamani paints seven buildings in El Alto

Milen Saavedra reports for Pagina Siete:

With this project, the artist plans to enter the Guinness

Mamani Mamani paints seven buildings in El Alto

They are 14 murals painted on buildings of 12 floors of a condominium at the Mercedario neighborhood of Villa Adela.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 2.27.27 PMThe grandmother, the sage, the kid [lloqalla], the condor and the Pachamama, among others, are some of the characters that are embodied by the Bolivian artist Roberto Mamani Mamani on seven 12-story buildings constructed in the city of El Alto.

This is the project called “Wiphala Community” which will, until the end of the year, 14 murals painted in a condominium located in the Mercedario area of Villa Adela.

“It is a megaproject, social housing are being made by the Government, the Department of Housing. It’s called ‘Wiphala’ and I have name it ‘Wiphala Community'” explained the artist.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 2.27.02 PMThe concept that the paintings will have, Mamani Mamani said that they all relate to the Andean worldview.

“Each building has a concept of community. They are 14 murals, issues relating to the community. The people who live there will have the reference of belonging because, for example, in the building where the Pachamama is, every August will make their offerings and rituals” said the painter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 2.27.14 PMThe project began earlier this month. So far, there is 30% complete and the artist reported that the deadline for finalizing is the first half of December.

“It’s something unique, because they are 14 murals. There have not been painted anywhere in the world at that amount and that work. Also, there is a concept behind each mural and a general concept throughout the condo,” said Mamani Mamani.

Finally, the artist said that this project plans to be part of the Guinness World Records.

“It is a mega project of great magnitude in terms of architecture,” he said.

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