Peanut captures the attention of European companies

Tatiana Chavez reports for Los Tiempos:

Peanut captures the attention of European companies

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.21.06 AMIn the Second Business Roundtable of Bolivia Pavilion at Expo Milan, the Cochabamba peanut struck 34 European business representatives.

Its nutritional properties, its biological quality, but above all its flavor caused impact on European companies, especially in the 14 specialized in dried fruits.

“It’s four years we import Bolivian almond, but in this business round, we were struck by Cochabamba peanuts, we do not rule out initiating a new commercial experience with this wonderful Bolivian product,” said Marcel van Vliet, a Dutch entrepreneur, in the conference which began yesterday and ends today [07/18/2015].

Cochabamba Bolivian Agribusiness is the company that introduced varieties of peanut from the valleys of Mizque, Aiquile and Anzaldo, the three major producing provinces. The business manager of the company, Fernando Quintanilla, explained that “the opening of new markets in Europe have a positive social and economic impact for 700 families producing peanuts, this is an opportunity created by our presence at events such as Bolivia Expo Milan 2015”.

Together with this company, they are also “Tierra Madre” [Motherland] of La Paz, with real quinoa, noni extract, and granola, the Beni “Hermanos Cardenas” and “San Agustin” and State-owned EBA with the Amazon almond and finally La Paz “Naturalcos” with its flagship product, maca.

No preliminary official results of the First Business Round, took place two weeks ago, show business intentions for 500 thousand euros obtained with European companies in the areas of beverages, coffee and tea.

As part of the activities of the second business mission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, have also sponsored for Monday 20th, the tour for 20 Bolivian entrepreneurs to several Italian industries to enhance their knowledge of agro-industrial production.ón-de-empresas-europeas_308808_683285.html

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