Financial Applications win at Innovalab: innovation and creativity win-win!

aPagina Siete reports:

Financial Applications win at Innovalab

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.04.40 AMThe BISA Bank chose three groups as winners of the first innovation laboratory: Innovalab, held in La Paz. The selected applications were BISA Life, Chuspita and Lightning.

The multidisciplinary groups worked strenuously for 48 hours in the creation of these technological solutions, received an economic incentive and, most importantly, entered an incubation phase that will give them the opportunity to develop their projects and make them feasible for use in a real market, says a newsletter from Banco BISA.

“The Banco BISA challenged 50 young professionals from La Paz and El Alto to create technological and innovative products for use in banking With satisfaction we can say challenge conquered, since the three winning groups generated three ingenious solutions that without doubt will be useful for our institution and therefore beneficial to the population. In addition, we are encouraging innovation in these youngsters,” said Jorge Ferrufino, manager of Business Innovation and Technology of the financial institution.

“Our expectations have been exceeded. We are connoisseurs of great innovative talent in our universities and in the country. This time we again are proud, mostly for being an institution that promotes, advises and supports the creation and development of competitive and innovative companies “said Jorge Velasco Teran, executive director of the Maya Foundation.

Innovalab was born this year at the initiative of the Maya Foundation, in partnership with Banco BISA, has the support of the Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) and aims to create and train young innovators and entrepreneurs and stimulate their creativity.

“Innovation is key to the formation of value-added businesses,” said Velasco Terán.

This is certainly part of Corporate Social Responsibility as it gives ground for innovation to flourish among our professionals.

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