Approved law that protects the packhorses

El Deber reports:

Approved law that protects the packhorses

Regulates the transit of wagons and was approved by the City Council after animal advocates protested and met with Evo Morales.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.36.27 AMThe Santa Cruz City Council passed a law regulating the use and circulation of cars and horsedrawn carriages, after several protests by the mistreatment of horses and mares that were registered in the city.

The Law of wagons has ten items. Including the misuse of cars and horse drawn carriages, in the following, are prohibited:

– No work may impose burdens on small animals than three years nor more than 15 years of age.

– They will not be used for work animals who are suffering from malnutrition, starvation and aging.

– May not perform work mares are in a state of advanced pregnancy and early parenting.

– Animals did not undergo heavy work above resistance or forced to carry loads beyond their capacity.

Still remains the promulgation of the rule by the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Desiree Bravo, so that it takes effect.

On the morning of the same Thursday [3/26/2015], the Animal Protection Society (Soprama) met with President Evo Morales to discuss some points of the Law for the Protection of Animals, which is currently under discussion in the Senate.

I have seen dead horse left in the middle of the street by their “owners”, I’ve seen heavy loads with three people on the cart, slashing a weak, thin horse. I’ve seen those poor animals trying to find grass to eat in the streets while its “owners” sleep or eat, waiting for a job. I’ve seen those “owners” racing their poor horses to get through the avenues and streets, with no fear to cause accidents and obviously with no regard to the safety of their horse, their work “instrument”…

The problem is the market, these people have a business because their clients need to get rid of the rubble they produce when remodeling their houses and even the foliage that is cut from their gardens… the garbage collection service provided by the municipality does not allow the recollection of those items… so, the solution of allowing that recollection would simply eliminate that need. Those people would have to engage in other activities and those poor animals would have no reason to suffer anymore.

Finally, I want you to recall the time that current president of Bolivia said about horses: that they should all be killed as they represented the colony times, the Spanish realm that subjugated,,, bla, bla, bla… his resentment over his own last name is just ridiculous and absurd. To think that he would understand this issue is a blunt understatement.

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