Economics 101: Do we have a message from the Liberals?

Alberto Mansueti writes in El Dia:

Do we have a message from the Liberals?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.03.05 AMClassical liberals have the message of Liberty, the most noble and beautiful political offer of human history. But we must begin with self-criticism, and admit failure: so far, that message has not gotten people. Why? For several reasons.

1) The first reason is because we have lost too much time criticizing the policies and mercantilist measures statists, socialists and all sorts, and their circumstantial ombudsmen or at any rate isolated- proposing concrete measures instead of our own policy in an innovative bid proposal yet feasible, credible, attractive and seductive. We have failed to translate our principles of individual liberty and limited government, from the philosophical level, to the level of political and electoral practice.

2) The second reason is because of the first: we need a political deal, because we have no political project. Our project has been implicit “conversion” to the liberal ideas of the statists in command, who always applaud as soon as we believe that they “became” for us to take it back as soon as we are disillusioned. So this does not look that our message is assimilated and supported by ordinary people, starting with the social class to which we belong in great number: the bourgeoisie, a term that Marxists have expropriated and distorted, and have not claimed, preferring to speak of “middle class. “Nor do we claim the word “capitalism”, which we fear, instead of explaining it, and its differences with commercialism and the “neo” liberalism.

Not to mention the concept of “right” for us to be recognized as horrified liberal right, which defends freedom -not the mercantilist right, the defending their privileges and certain conservative principles and values. We prefer to speak of “center”, or shunning the definition; and thus help legitimize socialism, tacitly acknowledging that seems right repellent, and proving that the left remains seductive and misleading, despite all their lies and crimes in more than 200 years since the French Revolution of 1789: Bloody revolutions, wars and atrocities no less cruel and endless-communist, national-socialist dictatorships, internationalists, “popular” etc. [that happened] on five continents.

We did not understand that the mercantilists, socialists and other statists are not going to “convince” with arguments, which are valid to support a system that will strip them of the huge collection of privileges and perks that now legally enjoy at our expense. It’s a matter of comfort and exclusive benefits; is not that “do not know economics.” They know, because they do not care!

It’s not the beneficiaries of the system, but their victims, who have to spend the first message to the urban and middle class, who pay the bulk of the heavy taxes, and more opportunities lost by the lack of freedoms. And from there to relay that message to the grassroots, city and country, showing their immediate for all except for benefits operators. Yes, that’s the word: exploiters. And usurpers.

So we could describe to people, clearly and specifically, how would the future liberal system we propose, compared with social-commercialism we suffer, nor have noted how comes and what road: steps to bring replacement. Do not show Roadmap: “We are at point A, we want to get to point X”; nor its Charting: “The road goes through such and such intermediate stations: B, C, D, E”.

3) The third reason: instead of doing homework, we engage liberals in endless discussions about whether they are more or less liberal such and such characters, or these or other specific measures or policies, or this or that social or economic theories. And worse: about anarchism and atheism, two points of interest to very few people, and many other scare them unnecessarily. Anarchism and Atheism are not typical of a liberal policy because classical liberalism is not anarchism but limited government, and because of the ideological trends that support the formula comes from the Judeo-Christian heritage and historic Christianity of the West.

The proposal should focus on policy measures and their advantages, considerations and whatever our convictions about religion, but knowing that Christians should be on our side, not the contrary, as now. That the Classical Liberalism Center have traced an inclusive strategy, “fusionist” libertarian and individualistic elements, and conservative in the sense of Thatcher and Reagan, to preserve freedoms, no privileges. Settled in our own libertarian Hispanic roots in that it named Rafael Termes as “Hispanic tradition of freedom,” referring to the historical privileges of the Peninsula, to the School of Salamanca, and the 1812 Constitution.

4) Finally: no project or viable offer, we have no effective propaganda. Not effectively communicate the message to stakeholders: the appellate short but dense with meaning, in short slogan for the banner, painted or minute radio sentence; or television image, artwork, or striking, compelling and motivating graphic figure.

If you are interested to know more about it, you can search the internet for the “Liberal Manifesto” from the Classical Liberalism Center.–los-liberales?&cat=162&pla=3&id_articulo=158939

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