28 unpublished scores by composer Eduardo Caba were recovered

I welcome Eduardo Caba to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

Margarita Palacios reports for Pagina Siete:


28 unpublished scores by composer Eduardo Caba were recovered

One of the works of Caba, part of the collection Aires Indios [Indian airs of Bolivia], will be released in June by the pianist Mariana Alandia and the group La Camerata del Sur.

2014-06-06 09.37.52 amImpressions of Europe series of preludes for piano or Quechua Legend are the titles of some of the 28 unpublished scores of potosino composer Eduardo Caba and will be recovered in a disc. The pieces were created between 1915 and 1951.

“By the end of the year, we will record over 40 full works (scores) of Eduardo Caba, 14 of which are known and others (28) are unprecedented,” said Mariana Alandia, tarijeña pianist, who along with paceño composer, Javier Parrado investigate for more than 15 years ago the work of the potosino musician.

To save the works of Caba, joined the Plurinational Conservatory of Music, the Cultural Foundation of the Central Bank of Bolivia, the Ministry of Culture and the University Tomás Frías de Potosi. Also had the collaboration of José Inarra Caba, nephew grandson of the potosino musician.

2014-06-06 09.47.46 amCaba was one of the most distinguished musicians of the early twentieth century. He was born in 1890, in Potosi. He died in 1953, 46 years later, his family has given the handwritten scores to the Plurinational Conservatory of Music, then the Foundation of the Central Bank of Bolivia bought the material for cataloging and safekeeping in the National Archive and Library of Bolivia, Sucre. [the picture of Eduardo Caba Valsalia (1890 – 1953) is from the website: Estudio de la Musica Boliviana]

In the research process, Alandia and Parrado, who traveled to that repository, studied each handwritten sheet composed by Caba. During that course of time found that a collection of 42 scores, 28 are unpublished and were never performed in public.

To save the unpublished scores, Alandia will interpret and record an album, due out by year’s end. According to Parrado, they are currently seeking national and international top musicians to invite them to burn the CD.

More about the work of Caba

Caba composed ten pieces of the collection Aires Indios, six of which were interpreted by the same artist in the early 30’s, in Buenos Aires. Then three of the pieces were premiered in 2009 by Alandia in the Conservatory. The last piece in this collection will be released in late June by Alandia and the group La Camerata del Sur.

Another collection of 16 scores of Caba are stored in the library of the Conservatoire. According to the director of that institution, Oldrich Halas, they are getting ready an anthology of the works of the author. “We print with th project of printing draft copies of the original material of this composer,” he said.


History. The National Conservatory of Music was created in 1907 under Presidential Decree signed by President Ismael Montes.

Library. The current library has been divided. The classic area is located on the  Reyes Ortis street and the modern sector in 6 de Agosto avenue.

National Fund Space has scores of national composers for different instruments, theory books, research and other.

Other services. The library has a music library and archive. It also offers a card reader for those interested.


To listen Eduardo Caba’s music, here is Aires Indios (de Bolivia) played on piano by Walter Aparicio.

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