What does Bolivia prefer?: Uncontrolled fires or heavy rain?

This cartoon is from La Razon, Oct 14, 2011. As of the last three days in beautiful Santa Cruz and most parts of Bolivia, there is a lot of rain (see below for the link of an earlier post here regarding La Niña).

The cartoon shows heavy rain hitting on those who are supposed to control de fires and those who provoke them. The caption above reads: “Enters in force the national strategic mechanism against slush and burn practices.”


If it hadn’t been for all that rain, our skies may have been still with a lot of smoke and thousands of hectares of forest and grasslands hectares would have been lost. Unfortunately, La Niña will hit us hard, and we do not learn from previous years. There is the permissive tendency to blame and/or hope the government (national, local, regional) picks up the tab; however it is in the hands of the people to change their agricultural habits and ways to handle their livestock.

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