Today this Bolivian government tests its popularity…

Pagina Siete reflects on today’s “judicial elections” and what is really at stake: current president’s popularity and acceptance. The search for complete control and power of the politics, management in Bolivia by current ruling political party. A recent poll suggest a 55% disapproval of the president, despite what is going on with TIPNIS, low gas natural production, lack of investment in competitive productive areas and a lame support to private investment.

More than five million Bolivians can go to “vote,” I mean elect out of pre-selected, pre-nominated, pre-approved candidates by ruling party. It will be interesting to see how many people do actually go and “elect” or make null and void their cast. However, the functional electoral office to the government, stated that no matter how many votes approve one of the candidates, that candidate will be “elected” and appointed accordingly, no matter how many people invalidate their ballot. Nice proof of a vibrant, true and ethical democracy, right?

According to Ipsos Apoyo, El Dia reports that the disapproval of current president is 55%, his approval goes from 37 to 35%. This is only 8 points away from the lowest he got this year, as a result of his failed intent to a sudden increase in gasoline and diesel. Vice-president has also been going down in the preference of the Bolivians: July 48%, August 52%, September 54% and October 59%.–&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=76075

El Deber publishes an opinion article made by Lupe Cajias, she refers to the 89% popularity of Luis Revilla, La Paz mayor who represents “institutionality” against current government practices; president’s 35% acceptance; and Wilfredo Ovando 13% approval, she describes Ovando as the worst head of the electoral office and highly questions today’s impartiality and loss of credibility if this institution; an effort that started with Jose Luis Exeni, another person who undermined the credibility of the electoral office, which started in 1992.

Today, the people of Bolivia is been forced to go to “vote,” most of us do not know those pre-selected candidates; and the government is testing its future actions. God help Bolivia.

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